Our Services

Board Meeting

We have a well-organized structure. The Board is the supreme decision-making body consisting of committed persons. The Board meets at least twice a year. The President is honorary but has executive power. Under him a Director for Finance and Administration, Two Coordinators, one for mission and evangelism and another for training, teaching and church ministry. The Community Organizers are called Community Organizers who are placed in the targeted villages. All of us meet once in a month for a full day (the last Saturday of the month) for staff meeting, reflection, assessment of short-term goals, evaluation of the previous month’s objectives and achievements and setting of objectives and target for the following month with a well-laid itinerary.

Income Generating Programme towards self-sufficiency – the Commitment

Our commitment is to stand on our own. Our goal is to make our programme self-supporting. We want support for our Community Organisers for a period of 5 years and at the end of five years we aim to achieve self-reliance by supporting fully the Communiity workers. However Training, Seekers Conference, Seminars, Printing of materials and other developmental projects have to be supported, as they need considerable expenses. Our goal is to plan income-generating programmes to generate resources to support the Community workers. For example when a Community workers is supported for a period of five years at least there should be commitment annually to support an additional 50% for five years in order to develop support system so that we can support the evangelist after the sponsor stops supporting. We want to make it a model project and if we are successful we want to share our experts to other missionary organisations.


  Children education
  Adult Education
  Girl Child education


  Youth counselling
  Women’s counselling
  Parents counselling

Economic Development in rural areas

  Poultry farm
  Diary farm
  Piggery farms

Training program in tribal areas

  Tube well repairing in a village
  Mobile repairing
  Electrical works
  Bike repairing

Health Program

  Health education seminar
  Primary health care
  Drug irradiation
  Environment   Covid
  Hiv Aids