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Mission & Vission


1.	To establish a spiritual Kingdom. 
2.	To propagate the Good news to Poor and Oppressed people
3.	To establish affection among each other by virtue of different religions
4.	Social and Spiritual developments of poor and needy people.
5.	Resources and economic development of the society
6.	Development of education, eradication of social evils, Blind beliefs, 
        Awareness Buildings, Development of Health & Health education, Environments.  
7.	To establish high-quality fellowship in every villages 
8.	To make Children and youth to be a good citizen of our Country.
9.	Youth counselling 
10.	Charity towards the need people specially Widow and Orphan  



Mission Statement.
Target Groups:
1. Spiritually and economically backward people, Suppressed by higher cast people, Tribal and Rural people, Minority Community etc. 2. Counseling to students who comes to cities for education. 3. To Organise Unskilled labourers and their families.
Mission Strategies:
● To enable the urban poor as well as students to hear the Good News and receive Moral Teaching ● To nurture newly fellowship. ● To give teachings on health and hygiene especially to women and men. ● To help them with economic self reliance to uplift their economic life. ● To educate their children with sponsorship programme and give special coaching in order to improve their education for those who are already attending schools. ● To enable the students to meet the challenges of life through youth activities and recreation centre. ● To start Adult Literacy centre in every village. In Adult Literacy centre we speak Good news, Health, Moral Teaching, Irradiation of intoxication, Social evils and Environment. ● Eradicate drug and alcohol abuse; bring health awareness on HIV/AIDS. ● Provide them skill training and help in self employment programmes ● To start Val Bikash Seminar for Youth and children in summer.
Targeted Area:
● Slum area of Berhampur city, Ganjam district. ● Slum area of Bhubaneswar. ● Fishers men of costal area Ganjam, Puri and Balasore District ● 42 villages of Urladani panchayat of M.Rampur Block, Kolahandi district.