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About Us

NETWORKING.This trust registed under the Trust Registration
Acts under Government of  Odisha, Berhampur, Dist- Ganjam,
Odisha. This trust established on 2006 by a group of likeminded
Christian People. They felt strongly unless we do mission work
in locally and Odisha it is impossible to accomplish the great
commission of our Lord. Our aim is to build the Spiritual Kingdom
on the earth and Socio-economic development of Poor and Oppressed
people. Secondly, every human being shall live in peacefully with

their Neighbours.Today we have a vision, we have the human resour- ces but we do not have the financial resources. However we have the desire to become self reliant and therefore we want to start in a small way the big task.Vision Orissa is very small Organisation and its depends on donation from our well wishers. Today we support 12 part-time volunteers, 3 full time workers and we have adopted 42 village at Urladani Panchayat of M. Rampur, Dist- Kolahandi, and 10 slum area of Berhampur city, Dist- Ganjam, Odisha. DARSAN is very small Organisation and its depends on donation from our well wishers and friends. At present we have adopted 42 villages at Urladani Panchayat of M. Rampur, Dist- Kolahandi , and 10 slum area of Berhampur city, Dist- Ganjam, Odisha.


Our Board and Our Staff 
                We have a well-organized structure. The Board is the supreme 
                decision-making body consisting of seven committed Members. 
                The Board meets at least twice a year. The Board decision is final. 
                The President is honorary but has executive power.

Chief Consultant 	:		Rev. Dr. Santanu Kumar Patro 	
President		:		Mr. Asit Kumar Patro
General Secretary       :		Mr. Santanu Kumar Patro

Member of the Board 
Mr. Arupa Nanda Patro
Miss Rebika Mohanty
Miss Arati Samal
Mr. Jaya Prakash Panda

Staff details 
                The Director, Chief Executive, Chief Functionaries and Head 
                of The Administration.  Under him a Two Coordinators, they 
                are Programme and Training Coordinator. The Field staffs 
                are called as Community Organisers who are placed in the 
                targeted villages. The staff and Board Members meets once 
                in a month for a full day (that is last Saturday of the month)
                for reflection, assessment of short-term goals, evaluation 
                of the previous monthís objectives and achievements and 
                setting of objectives and target for the following month with
                a well-laid itinerary. Our recruitment of Community Organisors
                start with their experience, commitment and dedication,
                a definite call as a minister of the Good news. Our Community
                Organisorís motivations are highly appreciated because of 
                sharing, counselling, listening and visiting to their fields
                frequently by the leaders. 
Contact details 
                                       Mr. Asit Kumar Patro